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Hand of Evil - J.A. Jance


Title: Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds)

Author: J.A. Jance

Read By: Karen Ziemba

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Number of Cd’s and/or Total running time: 5 CD’s / ~6 hours

ISBN-13: 978-0743597555

Link to the Author’s and/or Publisher’s Website: J.A. Jance

Link to for purchase (if applicable): Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds)

Release Date (if applicable): 12.29.09

Brief Summary:


From the Author’s website:

With his hand trapped in the door of a speeding car, a man struggles to remain upright as he’s dragged along a deserted stretch of San Juan Road in Phoenix’s South Mountain Preserve. It’s the perfect place to drive a man to his grave — literally. Starting with a crime so gruesome even prowling coyotes keep their distance from the remains, a killer begins crisscrossing the Southwest on a spree of grisly murders.
A hundred miles away, Ali Reynolds is grieving. The newscasting job she once delighted in is gone and so is the philandering husband she loved and thought she knew. When a member of the family who gave Ali a generous scholarship for her education decades earlier suddenly asks her for a meeting, Ali wonders what it can mean. Before she can satisfy her curiosity, though, Ali receives another startling call: a friend’s teenage daughter has disappeared. Ali offers to help, but in doing so, she unknowingly begins a quest that will reveal a deadly ring of secrets, at the heart of which lie two undiscriminating killers….
Will Ali become a victim herself, or will she escape from a deadly deceit that no amount of security — financial or emotional — can cover up?

Personal Review:


Multiple plots, a handful of interesting characters and writing that keeps the pace moving quickly. I couldn’t have asked for a better book to listen to during this drive.

I was new to J.A. Jance and the Ali Reynolds series (in fact until I looked closer at the packaging recently I still didn’t know). I feel that is a testament to the writing. I did not feel out of place or that I was missing anything for the entirety of the book.

Some of the subject matter in this book was shocking and straight out of the headlines from current media. It was presented matter-of-factly during the reading and fell in line perfectly with the story. As the father of a tween with a cell-phone it was eye opening and much more effective at making me think about the way the kids use cell phones than the nightly news and Sunday paper portrayed it.

The reader, Karen Ziemba, was a great choice for this novel. She has a great voice and read with enthusiasm yet did not go overboard at any time in the book.

Rating: Above Average



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