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More Twisted - Jeffery Deaver


Title: More Twisted

Author: Jeffery Deaver

Read By: Boyd Gaines, Skipp Sudduth, and Frederick Weller

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio Division

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Number of Cd’s and/or Total running time: 5 CD’s / ~ 5 hours

ISBN-13: 978-0743561860

Link to the Author’s and/or Publisher’s Website: Jeffery Deaver

Link to for purchase (if applicable):

Release Date (if applicable): December 26, 2006

Brief Summary:

From the author’s website:

Jeffery Deaver has compiled a second volume of his award-winning, spine-tingling short stories of suspense. This second collection contains 15 previously published short stories plus one new Lincoln Rhyme story. The titles of the stories are:

Chapter and Verse
The Commuter
The Westphalian Ring
Born Bad
Double Jeopardy
Tunnel Girl
Locard’s Principle (an original Lincoln Rhyme story)
A Dish Served Cold
The Voyeur
The Poker Lesson
Ninety-eight Point Six
A Nice Place to Visit

Personal Review:

Every story had a twist. I should have known that from the title, but each twist came and I said “Wow, I did not see that coming”. Even knowing a twist was coming, Deaver caused me to think ahead and try and figure out what it was going to be and it still surprised me each time.

A few stories in particular stood out:

1. Locard’s Principle – A story involving Lincoln Rhyme and the murder of a philanthropist which twists and turns and has you thinking every single character introduced is the murderer.

2. The Commuter – A revenge story of utmost proportion. The main character, a slimy fellow in his own right, is cheating on his wife, getting ready to pilfer his company’s intellectual property, and busy treating everyone he meets arrogantly. As the story unfolds you could pin his downfall on any one of the people he has treated poorly in his life – his wife, his lover, or his boss – but the real perpetrator came from out of the blue and really made me re-think the whole story.

3. The Poker Lesson – A story involving poker and cheating. Although the story has been told countless times through history, I think this particular twist was amazing. Everyone cheating, corrupt cops, dirty backroom games. The final few minutes of realization blew me away.

4. Ninety-eight Point Six – My favorite story of the collection. A traveling salesman, a case of mistaken identity and twist after twist keeping you guessing throughout.

I enjoyed the Narration immensely in this collection. Each story was read with passion and captured the characters perfectly.



Rating: Above Average



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