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Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel - By James Patterson


Title: Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

Author: James Patterson

Read By: Jill Apple

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Number of Cd’s and/or Total running time: 5 CD’s / 5 hours 28 minutes

ISBN-13: 978-1607888192

Link to the Author’s and/or Publisher’s Website: James Patterson

Link to for purchase (if applicable): Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel

Release Date (if applicable): January 4, 2011

Brief Summary:

From the Author’s Website:

FANG WILL BE THE FIRST TO DIE. Maximum Ride is used to living desperately on the run from evil forces sabotaging her quest to save the world—but nothing has ever come as close to destroying her as this horrifying prophetic message. Fang is Max’s best friend, her soul mate, her partner in the leadership of her flock of winged children. A life without Fang is a life unimaginable.

Personal Review:

I picked this audiobook up during the Borders going out of business sale, being familiar with Maximum Ride – School’s Out Forever (that I reviewed here)

This series is intriguing in just enough ways to keep me coming back. The characters are all written well, and the premise of the story is solid.

This is one of the audiobooks that I can put in and just drive. It’s light, fast paced and does not require strict attention to detail. Perfect for short trips when I am in and out of the car.

Max and the flock are in Africa on a good-will mission as the book opens and meet with a scientist that is very interested in Max. The flock is unaware of the interactions with the exception of Angel. Angel is back to her struggle to become leader of the flock and has befriended the Doctor. Angel also makes the prediction…That Fang will die.

Fang and Max get more involved and touchy feely in this book than previously and start to sneak away for alone time which leaves the rest of the kids vulnerable to Eraser attacks and other nefarious doings. This in turn allows Angel to state her case for taking over the flock and banishing Max.

Without giving too much away, Max returns to save the day, Fang flat lines on the operating table and Angel feels remorse.

The Vegas portion of this recording was great. Winged kids on the strip in Vegas with just enough realism to make it a fun and entertaining chapter.

Jill Apple did a great job on the vocals. The only portion of her reading I disliked was two of the children’s voices that seemed a bit creepy and stretched. Otherwise she brought out Max’s personality and provided for a few “monotone” flat adults which I found perfect.

I am going to stick with this series (I think I may go in order though, skipping ahead left me wondering at times about previous books).



Rating: Above Average



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