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Red Serpent: The Prophet's Secrets : Delson Armstrong

Red Serpent: The Prophet's Secrets

Author: Delson Armstrong

Read By: Kyle McCarley and Laura Stahl

Publisher: 9ine Incorporated

Genre: Science Fiction

Number of Cd’s and/or Total running time: 8 hours and 55 minutes

ISBN-13: 978-0982952337

Link to the Author’s and/or Publisher’s Website: Delson Armstrong

Link to for purchase : Red Serpent: The Prophet's Secrets

Release Date (if applicable): 12.03.2010

Brief Summary:

From the Author’s website:

On Earth, the clandestine vampire Elder Council summons a great man to awaken a primordial evil locked in the abyss of Antarctica.

As humanity prepares for the War of Vengeance, Alex learns to harness his powers while trying to make amends with his estranged lover and get in touch with his comatose grandmother so that she may reveal the secrets of her subconscious mind. But the power he wields links him directly to the Dark King who haunts his dreams and tempts him to join the Red Serpent. As Alex fights off these tests, he learns from his father the keys to survival and the truths that will help him fulfill his ancient destiny.

But it all depends on whether or not Alex survives the terrorist revolution, brought about by a secret society known as the Founding Fathers.

Personal Review:

Red Serpent: The Prophet’s Secrets follows up the first book of the series in the same fantasmic fashion I became accustomed to during the first 9 hours of listening to Armstrong’s world.

Armstrong continues his epic novel where the first left off, with Alex being pursued by a multitude of enemies (including family) all while learning to control the powers of his ancestors which are thrust upon him at the most inopportune times. The Falsifier begins to understand his role in politics and the world.

During the most important days of the world as they know it, and war looming overhead, Delson writes in courtship and wedding that is a loving and romantic touch to be sprinkled in before the bloodbath.

I stand by my original statement that: The supporting cast of villains, vampires, humans, and creatures are all written superbly and invoke the right amount of emotion in the story, main character and reader to build on every plot and sub-plot Armstrong has dreamt up.

The first book layed the groundwork with characters’ descriptions and back story, which made this novel a joy to breeze through. We finally get to meet Alex’s parents and find truth (and deception) in what Alex has been told about his past, and the vision of his future. His in-laws and the hierarchy of the vampiric regime are all explained in much more detail, which turned many of my thoughts about them from the first book completely upside down.

The one portion of the book which I least enjoyed listening to was the epic battle itself. It isn’t that I didn’t like it, it was just hard to follow while listening (imagine a war being carried out in most major cities across the globe, all being described in detail at the same time). I do feel that if made into a movie this would be the most exciting part of the film though.

The recording was again excellent with Kyle McCarley and Laura Stahl doing an amazing job vocalizing Delson’s book. I do not know if I have grown accustomed to their voices and portrayal of each charater or if they have grown into each voice as this epic rolls on. This audio recording I felt like they had much more passion in each character and “knew” how the person would say each and every line with emotion (or lack thereof).

I am now looking forward to the third book in this series even more than this one!


This audiobook was provided free of charge by the Author. TheAudiobookGuy was not compensated in any way for this review. The review was an honest and accurate personal review after listening to the audiobook myself. Compensation only occurs on this website through the use of ads and affiliate programs such as Amazon.

This book can be purchased directly from the Author’s website here.


Rating: Excellent



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