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Red Serpent: The Falsifier - Delson Armstrong


Title: Red Serpent: The Falsifier

Author: Delson Armstrong

Read By: Kyle McCarley and Laura Stahl

Publisher: 9ine Incorporated

Genre: Science Fiction

Number of Cd’s and/or Total running time: 7 hours and 56 minutes

ISBN-13: 978-0982952306

Link to the Author’s and/or Publisher’s Website: Delson Armstrong

Link to for purchase : Red Serpent: The Falsifier

Release Date (if applicable): 12.13.2010

Brief Summary:

From the Author’s website:

In the far future, the last free humans have fled to a massive space station in Earth’s orbit. On the planet below lurk their oppressors: a race of vampires who seek to breed and harvest them like animals.

Orphaned as a child, Alex grows to manhood in the shadow of his legendary father who united the scattered remnants of humanity. But as he takes up his father’s banner, he uncovers a frightening secret about himself: he is the Falsifier, fated to bring down the Vampire Empire. As he struggles with his destiny, the vampires abduct him in a surprise raid. With humanity’s survival at stake, Alex must find—and fight—his way back and take his place in history.

Personal Review:

Red Serpent: The Falsifier is one of the best works of fiction I have listened to in audiobook form.

Armstrong creates a world, actually he creates worlds, that are described in enough detail that you can picture them. He has combined enough of his imagination and science fiction with just the right amount of what we all know to bring forth a vivid and realistic picture in your head of the places everything is taking place, yet he does so in quick robust fashion so you do not get bored with scenery details.

In my opinion this is the hardest part of a science fiction book to get correct. The backdrop of travel, wars, and even conversations is critical to imagery and Armstrong has nailed it in this release.

The main character is a lovable and down-to-earth (not-literally) young man that finds out he is the chosen one. He is part vampire and part human and discovers his true nature as the book fly’s along at mach speed leading up to an epic battle in closing. The trials and tribulations of normal life intertwine with Alex as he discovers his new powers and roles in the world which add a sense of familiarity to the story.

The supporting cast of villains, vampires, humans, and creatures are all written superbly and invoke the right amount of emotion in the story, main character and reader to build on every plot and sub-plot Armstrong has dreamt up.

My only negative for this book has nothing to do with the writing or concept, it has to do with science fiction of this magnitude in audiobook form in general. Delson has created whole new worlds with many (many) characters. If in print, I am positive I would have been flipping back pages on a regular basis to reference characters and their roles. In audiobook form I found myself stopping the recording from time to time to reflect on who a character was and where he had come up previously. Armstrong not only created a universe, but during the book gives a completely history of the races (with names) and it seems that they all have a significant part of the building of the main character Alex.

After about an hour of listening I did realize I could not flip back and reference characters’ introductions, which encouraged me to listen even harder to the story. So the negative actually turned into a positive in the end.

The recording was above average with Kyle McCarley and Laura Stahl doing an excellent job vocalizing Delson’s book. Where I am usually a staunch opponent to “voices” done by the auditors I feel that in this book the voices lend to the story. As mentioned above there is a large cast in this book and McCarley and Stahl both are in character for each of them. This helped for some of the characters that have smaller roles. I may have not remembered where I heard their name previously, but I remembered the voice and that helped with the current conversations.

There are sound effects throughout the recording. (“As Alex opened the door” and a creaking door sound would play) which was unusual at first and then blended into the background.

I am looking forward to the second book in this series!


This audiobook was provided free of charge by the Author. TheAudiobookGuy was not compensated in any way for this review. The review was an honest and accurate personal review after listening to the audiobook myself. Compensation only occurs on this website through the use of ads and affiliate programs such as Amazon.

This book can be purchased directly from the Author’s website here.


Rating: Excellent



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  • Shanan, the book addict

    I love the blog–I love audiobooks. I listen to them in the car all of the time. It is a great way to fit more “reading” time into my busy and full day. And I find that audiobooks keep me more awake and alert while driving (I can’t tune them out like music because I want to pay attention). I am excited to follow your blog, and you will find that some of the books that I review on my blog are audiobooks. So please come visit if you would like

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