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Fathers Day for the Audiobook Lover

Father’s day is around the corner. My kids have asked what I want, my parents have asked what I want and my fiancée has asked what I want. Of course, since it is a time honored tradition in my family to reply with “nothing at all” to all adults and “make me a craft” to all children I will tell all of you what I, as a lover of audiobooks, have on my wish list for Father’s Day.

1. SiriusXM Satellite Radio Gadgets.

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I have SiriusXM in my new car and absolutely love it. Book Radio is amazing, but I am in and out of the car so often during my sales trips that I miss most of the books that are read. I do get pieces of them though and that in itself gives me a great log of “to buy” novels. I imagine if I had one of the home receivers or “on-the go” receivers I would be able to settle in for a whole section on that station. (Plus who doesn’t enjoy a little HairNation 80’s rock and roll once in a while?)

2. Apple iPad Gadgets.

Dodocase V03_01

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I have an Apple iPad2 which I have started using for audiobooks. Although this is a very small part of what the iPad is being used for, it has been an excellent addition to my arsenal of audiobook gadgets. One thing with the iPad (and any Apple consumer electronic device from what I have seen) is the abundance of add-ons, accessories, and cool stuff to go with it. One of the above cases has caught my eye recently.
I have also been tooling around on eBay looking at the myriad of things to pimp out the iPad, and with exception of a few stylus pens, and some protective covers, have yet to pull the trigger.

And of course, to put on the iPad? Audiobooks…Lots and Lots of Audiobooks! from iTunes.

3. Gift Certificates to Places I can get my hands on Electronics (I love most electronics and have many electronic related hobbies) and Audiobooks.

One of my favorite stores to peruse when I have some extra time and cash is f.y.e. Although they do not carry an extensive line of audiobooks, when they do have them available they are usually at a great savings. I have also found a few great deals on used DVDs for the family.

I love digital photography and have been looking at the different options available to me for photo storage and archiving, as well as maybe selling some of my local sports pictures.

4. An Subscription.

I do not currently have a subscription. My backlog of CDs, MP3s, and audiobooks on iTunes will keep me listening for months. I do like the idea of just logging on and downloading what I want whenever I want though. If it was a gift for Father’s Day, then I would force myself to listen more…which puts a smile on my face.

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5. Time. In this day and age of the wired world, what Father could not want more time? More time to spend with his significant other (Hi Jill 😉 ) or more time with his children? Or yes…you guessed it, more time to listen to his favorite author’s newest novel.

What are your Father’s Day plans?

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