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I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger Series) - Stephen Hunter




Title: I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger Series)

Author: Stephen Hunter

Read By: Buck Schirner

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Genre: Fiction – Action & Adventure

Number of Cd’s and/or Total running time: 5 CD’s AND ~ 16 hours (Unabridged)

ISBN-13: 978-1423369882

Link to the Author’s and/or Publisher’s Website: Stephen Hunter

Link to for purchase (if applicable): I, Sniper (Bob Lee Swagger Series)

Release Date (if applicable): 12.29.2009

Brief Summary:

From Stephen Hunter’s Author Page on Simon and Schuster

“It takes a seasoned killer. . .

Four famed ’60s radicals are gunned down at long range by a sniper. All the evidence—timeline, ballistics, forensics, motive, means, and opportunity—points to Marine war hero Carl Hitchcock. Even his suicide. The case is almost too perfect.

. . . to hunt one.

Recruited by the FBI to examine the data, retired Marine sharpshooter Bob Lee Swagger penetrates the new technology of the secretive sniper world to unravel a sophisticated conspiracy run by his most ruthless adversary yet—a marksman whose keen intellect and pinpoint accuracy rival his own. But when the enemy and his deadly henchmen mistake Bob for the hunted, it’s clear that some situations call for a good man with a gun . . . and the guts to use it.”

Personal Review:

A superbly written book that I found hard to pause.

This is my first Hunter novel and I became a fan almost instantly. Bob Lee Swagger as a retired Marine, well past his “action days”, jumped out of the speakers at me. The combination of the writing and the way it was read (Buck Schirner) created an image of a man I felt I knew personally.

Swagger is brought in as an expert during an investigation by the FBI into the long range killings of four 60’s radicals. The FBI has all fingers pointing at a Vietnam sniper who holds the all-time kill record, and Swagger is asked to examine all the data and give his opinion. Swagger takes his time and concludes that the FBI has everything right. The clues and facts all fit perfectly, too perfectly for Swagger. Using his knowledge of snipers and sniper weapons Bob Lee is taken undercover into a new world of automated and computerized sniper guns.

Swagger partners up with various old friends and new acquaintances across the United States to accomplish his mission. Avoiding gang hits and surviving torture (water-boarding anyone?) Swagger battles between being the hunted and the hunter, ultimately ending as the latter.

A genuinely enjoyable listen that gets technical enough to let you know the dynamics of each situation yet remains generic enough that you do not need any prior knowledge to feel informed.

I plan on listening to more of Hunter’s works in the near future.



Rating: Above Average



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