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The Audio Book Guy - No Fluff. Just my honest opinion of the audio books I listen to.

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The way books were meant to be read….I know, controversial.

The Audibook Guy

The Audiobook Guy

I meant it in the nicest way. I did not mean to snub my nose at the elite bookworms that cannot enjoy a work without feeling the parchment, smelling that new (or old for that matter) book smell, running a finger across the spine and feeling for raised letters, or admiring the artwork of a cover.  I meant it as a matter of fact for myself.


I do not have the time any longer to sit for hours and get into a book. My mind and body are constantly moving and if I am not “doing something” I go crazy. The hour commute to and from work allows me a solid hour without interruption (barring tolls, traffic and the occasional day I need music). It is a perfect fit.  Three days in the office means one book down. A longer trip may mean a book in a day, and a week long sales trip through several states? I knock off a bunch of books, and usually end up at a bookstore looking for more.


The digital age has allowed me to continue with my love of words while still maintaining a crazy schedule.


This blog will be an ode to the spoken word of audio books. From fiction and fantasy to self-help and business success theories, with a dabble of everything in between.


Feel free to drop me a line and let me know your feeling on audio books versus print books, and if you have any audio book recommendations.


– The Audiobook Guy

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